Safety First With Commercial Roller Shutters


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Industrial and commercial roller shutters are created and installed with maximum security in mind. Businesses use them for protection against invasion and theft, and no building should be without them. 

That being said, these same security doors that are used for protection can become a liability when they aren’t professionally installed, inspected, and maintained. Workers can be seriously injured if an improperly secured shutter door falls shut on them. 

Save money and pain by avoiding this scenario. Injury is easy to prevent when you take the proper measures. 

How to Choose a Commercial Shutter Door

Unlike the comparative simplicity of choosing a residential shutter door, selecting commercial doors takes a bit more research. There are a number of factors to keep in mind to ensure the safety of your employees. Some of these include:

  • The frequency of use
  • Where the door will be installed
  • How the door will be operated
  • The door’s main function
  • Safety measures to be put in place for both users and non-users
  • The design and manufacture of your door (invest in heavy duty and quality)

Complete a Risk Assessment

Before installing a shutter door in your building, it is best practice to conduct a risk assessment. This type of assessment will identify potential hazards and analyze the risk associated with each hazard. With a clear picture, you can then create safety measures that will either eliminate or control each identified risk. 

The Importance of Regular Maintenance and Inspections

Commercial premises are especially vulnerable to litigious actions, and a malfunctioning door can easily be the cause of an injury that costs your business thousands of dollars. First and foremost you need to be sure that your door is high quality and installed by professionals. But it goes further than that. 

As with any piece of mechanical equipment in the workplace, regular maintenance and safety inspections should be conducted on your commercial and industrial roller doors. Time deteriorates everything, and motorized equipment must be periodically checked by professionals to ensure safety. 

Hiring professionals is a cost-effective move long term. Regular inspection and emergency repairs services protect your assets, as well as employee and customer health. 

What Are the Legal Requirements?

Ensuring that industrial doors and commercial shutter doors are safe is now a legal requirement. By law, you must regularly have your doors maintained and inspected. The regulations standards ensure the following:

  • That shutter doors are properly fitted and installed
  • Upward doors have a rollback device
  • Electric doors have appropriate safety features
  • Mechanical problems are caught early
  • Inspections are regularly conducted and documented

Protect your business not only by installing the best quality commercial shutter doors, but ensuring that those doors are always working at peak performance.

For your commercial and industrial roller shutter doors needs, call our team of experienced shutter professionals that work with the best commercial shutters in Sydney. We offer installation, inspection, and maintenance at a price you can afford.