Roller Shutters Vs. Security Screens


Roller Shutters Vs. Security Screens

If you’re interested in enhancing security, and protecting your home from criminals and intruders, you may be trying to choose between window roller shutters and security screens. What’s better for home security? Which product offers a higher level of security – and peace of mind?

You’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers. In this article, we’ll take a look at the basics about both roller shutters and security screens – and compare the two, to help you understand what’s right for you.

Understanding Security Screens And How They Work

You can purchase both security screen doors and security screen windows, and they both do the same thing, essentially. Security screens use high-grade steel mesh and strong mounting frames and brackets, which attach to your windows or your doors.

This allows you to leave your windows open, and enjoy better ventilation while keeping your home secure. Security screens are very difficult to knock out of position, push through, and cut – so any intruder who attempts to get in through a security screen will likely give up as soon as they realise that a security screen is present.

Roller Shutters Vs. Security Screens Blog

Understanding Roller Shutters And How They Work

Window roller shutters use stacked, high-grade aluminium shutters, which roll up and down, and can be deployed to cover the exterior of your window, and protect you from vandalism, break-ins, and intruders.

Roller shutters provide robust protection, and can usually be installed over your existing windows and their screens, so you can still keep your windows open and use your window screens when you’re at home, and then cover your windows with your shutters when you are not home, or at night.

Comparing The Two – Roller Shutters Vs. Security Screens

If you plan on leaving your windows open the majority of the time, even when you are not at home, security screens may be a better choice for you. They offer adequate protection and security even when your windows are open.

In contrast, roller shutters must be lowered in order to protect your home, blocking airflow and ventilation. However, roller shutters do help improve energy efficiency, and they also reduce noise and light effectively, which may be good if you live in a densely-populated urban area, or live near bright street lights.

Another consideration when comparing roller shutters vs. security screens is emergency exits. During a house fire, for example, a fixed security screen can prevent you from being able to escape through a window, because you can’t simply tear through it.

Hinged security screens allow the entire screen to be lifted from the inside for emergency escapes, but they are significantly more expensive. Roller shutters that use both automatic and manual rollers, in contrast, do not pose any issues when it comes to emergency exits, and can be quickly opened in emergency situations.

What’s Right For Me? Choosing The Right Products

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Roller Shutters Vs. Security Screens Blog