Roller Shutters For Shop Fronts


Our Top Tips For Choosing The Right Roller Shutters For Shop Fronts

Roller shutters are an ideal way to add another layer of security to your shop, and ensure that you are protected from vandals, burglars, robbers, and anyone else who may decide that your business is an easy target.

But with so many different types of roller shutters on the market today, it can be hard to know which ones are right for you. In this blog post, we’ll give you some of our top tips for choosing the best roller shutters.

  1. Consider Your Location

Usually, roller shutters for businesses in large shopping centres and malls do not have to be as heavy duty as roller shutters for shops outside of shopping centres. Because most indoor shopping centres lock up after hours, and have dedicated security personnel, your shop is likely not at risk from serious vandalism or criminal activity. Usually, lightweight aluminium shutters or roller grilles are adequate to protect your store.

However, if your shop is located on a street corner, or outside of an indoor shopping centre, you may need a more heavy duty security roller shutter. Thick, heavy duty shutters can dissuade vandals and thieves with their appearance alone – in addition to offering a higher level of security for your shop.

  1. Think About Materials

Typically, we recommend aluminium roller shutters over other materials like stainless steel. An aluminium shutter is usually much lighter than a comparable stainless steel shutter, so it is much easier to install and use in shop fronts.

  1. Decide Between Manual And Electric Shutters

For the most part, electrically-powered roller shutters are the best choice. These shutters can be operated from anywhere inside your shop, and they can all be opened and closed at once.

However, if you are on a very tight budget, a manual shutter may also be a worthwhile investment, as you’ll save money by avoiding the installation of an electric motor, and remote controls.

In general, though, we recommend setting aside the money for electric shutters, as they are a better long-term choice.

  1. Safety Features

To comply with Australian regulations, your roller shutters may need certain safety features, such as photocells or sensitivity edges that detect objects or persons who may be in the way of a closing roller shutter.

In addition, to comply with fire regulations, roller shutters must be easy to open in an emergency situation, with features like remote opening and closing, or automatic operation when a fire alarm or smoke detector is set off.

  1. Think About Insulation

This is a feature of roller shutters that is often-overlooked, but it can be a big benefit – especially if your shop has large, expansive window displays. The best aluminium roller shutters are foam-injected, which allows them to provide incredible insulative performance. However, not all roller shutters have this feature.

If you really want to save money in the long run, make sure you select a product with the proper insulation. This can lead to a dramatically smaller bill for heating and air conditioning, especially in the extreme Australian climate.

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