Roller Shutters for Noise Reduction


Roller Shutters for Noise Reduction

Tired of the external noise entering your home? Can’t even keep your window open?

Nothing comes close to the experience of a peaceful and quiet home. You feel completely detached from all the hustle and the bustle of the world. No distractions. No commotion. Only peace, serenity and bliss. When you want to enjoy a quiet time in your office or home so you can focus on the more important aspects of your life, consider investing in insulated roller shutters.

Roller shutters are known for their excellent security features. But noise reduction?

You’ll be surprised to know that roller shutters offer excellent noise reduction benefits. Here at All District Roller Shutters, we bring to you a wide range of noise reducing roller shutters that are professionally installed by experienced installers.

When installed accurately, roller shutters can reduce the noise by up to 80%. You will feel detached from the noisy neighbours, the sounds of nocturnal animals and all the distractions of the world outside.

Apart from offering complete privacy and light filtration benefits, roller shutters can help you stay calm by keeping the external noises outside. Whether you live in a busy neighbourhood, near a school or are surrounded by noisy neighbours, our sound reducing roller shutters will bring bliss and peace right inside your living room.

It’s important to note that not all roller shutters are made the same. The effectiveness of the noise reduction depends on a variety of factors. Let’s take a look.

The Quality of the Roller Shutters

The efficiency of the roller shutter depends on the quality and the materials used. A thicker gauge aluminium shutter is sure to be much more efficient compared to standard aluminium shutters.

Further, roller shutters with insulation padding are found to be much more effective than the rest. So when you are looking for efficient noise reduction, we will put together the perfect solution to ensure optimum noise reduction is achieved.


An in-reveal mount minimises the natural gaps, which keeps the external noise from entering your home. So the right mount and the quality of the mount play a crucial role in reducing the noise entering your home.

Roller Shutters for Noise Reduction


Sure, roller shutters can immediately bring peace into your home. However, it all depends on the quality of the installation. Our experienced technicians will flawlessly install your roller shutters for effective noise reduction.

A silicone sealant is applied between the guides to the wall and the head box. For maximum efficiency, it’s important to seal the rest of your home to ensure air gaps don’t allow sound transmission. Air gaps can significantly reduce the effectiveness of your roller shutters.

Air gaps can lower the noise reduction capabilities of roller shutters. That’s where our experience and expertise come handy. Our fully qualified and experienced technicians will accurately install the roller shutters to ensure excellent noise cancellation.

Benefits Galore

Whether you choose window roller shutters or roller shutter doors, you will experience a wide range of benefits. Not only are roller shutters extremely secure but they are also excellent at filtering light especially in rooms facing west. When you are looking for a reliable way to filter light in the west side of the house and want relief from the afternoon sun, simply install roller shutters.

Roller shutters are much more effective compared to double glazed windows. Double glazed windows are great for noise cancellation but they still allow the sun’s rays inside. When you are looking for total insulation, nothing beats roller shutters.

If you thought roller shutters would ruin your home’s aesthetics, think again. All District Roller Shutters are available in a wide range of designs that will, in fact, enhance the visual aesthetic of your home.

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At All District Roller Shutters, we take great pride in our product range. Our roller shutters are made from extruded, marine-grade aluminium that boasts superior strength to effectively and comfortably withstand Australia’s extreme weather. No matter what you need, we have a solution to meet your requirements to perfection.

If you are looking for maximum safety, look no further than our fire-rated roller shutters. If you are looking for eco-friendly automation systems, look no further than SolarSmart, our range of solar powered shutter systems.

Home improvement on your mind? Consider installing roller shutters. Our high-quality roller shutter windows and doors are sure to increase the value of your property. Get in touch with us today for a no-obligation, free quote. Call 1300 807 011 now.

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Roller Shutters for Noise Reduction