Quick Guide for Roller Shutters Installation


Shutters are commonly known as hinged panels that can be fixed either on the inside or outside of your windows. You can also think of it as being window covers that are capable of keeping unwanted light out, giving owners an additional layer of security and providing the privacy that owners need. There are several types of shutters and they can be made of wood, vinyl, hardwood, polyfoam and medium-density fibreboard.

roller shutters installationMost shutters have varying characteristics and each can serve a different or unique purpose. For example, certain shutters can be made to be fire-resistant and placing them in areas that are prone to fire incidents can alleviate the damage that is bound to be done. If the aforementioned is something you can relate to, getting shutters are definitely a good investment for potential owners like you.

If you have recently purchased one and chose to do your own roller shutters installation, read on to find out what you need to know before you begin.

Do whatever that’s needed to be done, to find that trusty toolbox of yours. Make sure all the tools that are present inside, are in proper working condition. For those who have forgotten what they should have, here is a short list: Pry bar, hammer, needle-nose pliers, vice grips, an assortment of screwdrivers, tape measure, wire cutter, electric drill with bit set, multi-purpose knife and a handsaw.

You are encouraged to add on any items that you think might be useful to your cause. You should not be limited to the list above, considering you need to deal with your own unique circumstance. Hence, make sure you got everything ready and start working to get that shutter up without missing a beat!

Select an open area to unpack

Your shutters may be dismantled into individual pieces before it is sent to you. Take the opportunity to inspect that every panel or frame that is sent to you, is intact and there should be no signs of dings or cracks. Ensure that each component has their own unique identification tags, which adheres to your installation guide or manual. Never remove the tags at such as early stage; you will need them as reference when you place them in the correct position or order. Lay everything down on the floor, to prevent yourself from overlooking any important steps.

Drill in the frames, then the shutter panels

The frame must be fixed together to its predetermined shape before fitting onto the windows. When you put it up, make sure that the edges from all sides have equal allowance. A minor miscalculated placement can cause the shutters to be out of place, which is something very unsightly. Once the frame is successfully fixed onto the border of your windows, installing the panels should not be that difficult.

Ensure that the hinges are properly fixed to the frame, as well as making sure that the magnet brackets on the panels (the metal pieces that keeps the shutter panels in place when they are closed) are properly aligned with the ones that are on the frame.

Final adjustments to your shutters

Test it, swing it, open and close it. If everything is working smoothly and no squeaks are heard, pat yourself on the back and wrap up your work as a job well done! You may now fully enjoy the benefits of the newly installed shutters. Take good care of them and ensure maintenance is done when necessary, and your shutters will you last a lifetime!

Other shutters such as automatic shutters involve more gadgetry in the roller shutters installation process. Hence, do not hesitate to engage the services of a professional to help you get the job done promptly and efficiently. All District Roller Shutters offers professional repair and installation services for all types of roller shutters. Contact us today to see how we can help you. Call 1300 807 011.

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