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Protect Your Business Or Home From Theft with Our Security Aluminium Roller Shutters

How often do we read these days about gangs of thieves breaking and entering through windows or doorways and getting away with

The truth is that home and business break-ins are becoming all too common. It has reached such an impasse that sometimes insurance companies may even decline your claim because they say you didn’t take adequate measures to protect your own belongings against theft or damage.

This is why so many Sydney homeowners and businesses are deciding to install security roller shutters to keep their premises safe.

Modern, extruded aluminium roller shutters such as those made by All District Roller Shutters provide excellent protection against forced entry by intruders. Why would anyone choose to break through strong, marine grade aluminium shutters when there is an un-protected premises just a little further down the road?

All District Roller Shutters Protection with Aluminium Roller Shutters

Why professional roller shutter installation is important

You can have the strongest security shutters in the world, but if they are not properly installed you might as well have saved your money.

To be confident that you and your premises are adequately protected and your safety is better guaranteed, you need to have your shutters made and installed by a reputable Sydney based company such as All District Roller Shutters. Our work teams offer guaranteed, professional shutter manufacturing, roller shutter repairs and installation services.
You can also do like many property owners and connect your security shutters to your alarm system so that you are instantly alerted in the event of a break in. However, be aware that alarms alone will only deter intruders and frighten them away but will not, in themselves, stop them from breaking in.

Manual or automatic remote operating mechanism?

You can operate your security roller shutters manually using a keypad, timer or internet-enabled mobile phone code to open and shut them at the hour of your choice. A timer is the most affordable and practical option that will enable them to open and close automatically even when you are away from the premises. This in itself is a good burglar deterrent since it makes it hard to detect if anyone is inside the premises or not.

Browse through our online photo gallery and you will see that the days of noisy, rickety, unappealing shutters are long gone. Instead, strong but lightweight, marine-grade aluminium alloy is the material of choice for modern manufacturing of security roller shutters.

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What we can install for you

We make a wide range of security shutters to fit every sort of window, door or garage application, including:

  • Manual or automatic
  • Electric or solar-powered
  • Regular or heavy duty
  • Remote operated
  • Code compliant for bush fire protection

Our shutters are made here in Australia out of high-strength, marine-grade aluminium alloy and are fully-tested before we send them out for installation.

Custom features available

  • Fitted either outside or inside your property, according to your preferences.
  • Fitted with special slats, which are an excellent way to block out glare and damaging ultra violet light.
  • Closed for privacy.
  • Are available in a diverse range of paint colours and so can blend with all types of internal and external décor.
  • Be customised with fittings of your choice to complement your architectural style and furnishings.

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