How to Clean Roller Shutters?


How to Clean Roller Shutters?

Window roller shutters offer a wonderful way to secure your home. They offer a range of benefits including sound insulation, climate control, protection from the elements, light filtration and more. The best part is that roller shutters are easy to maintain and don’t demand a lot of attention.

Given that the roller shutters endure the elements day in and day out, they are bound to attract a lot of dirt and dust. Regular maintenance is crucial to help keep your roller shutters in good condition and shutter cleaning is an important step in this direction.

Further, you must take the time to thoroughly clean your roller shutters once every six months. In this post, we share some simple steps to clean your roller shutters and keep them in top form.

Steps for Cleaning Your Roller Shutter

You will need the following items:

  • Warm water
  • Cleaning detergent/washing liquid,
  • A mug
  • A sponge
  • A soft brush (made of either plastic or nylon)
  • A soft cloth
How to Clean Roller Shutters

Step 1 – To start with, pull down your roller shutter and keep it shut until the cleaning procedure is complete.

Step 2 – Mix warm water with cleaning detergent or washing liquid. Dip a clean sponge into this mixture and wipe the shutters in a downward motion. This will remove all the grime and dust particles that have settled on the guides and between the slats.

Step 3 – Use a mug to splash the solution of water and detergent on your shutter. Now wipe the shutter in an up and down motion moving from the top of the shutters and moving your way down. This up and down motion ensures that the slats don’t misalign in any way.

Step 4 – Now use a garden hose to wash the shutters clean. For a high pressure cleaning, squeeze the tip of the hose using your thumb and index finger. This will generate some pressure and aid with the clean up.

Step 5 – Once you’ve completely washed the shutters, it’s time dry them up. Use a soft cloth and stick to the up and down motion to wipe the shutters dry.

Step 6 – In the final stage, it’s time to wipe the guides clean. For this step, you will need to raise the shutter until it’s fully open. Use the soft brush to gently sweep any particles from the guide. You can even use your garden hose here, but avoid using high pressure. Leave the guides to dry before closing down the shutter.

Step 7 – Once the shutters are completely dry, open and close the shutter a couple of times to check that it is operating smoothly and is in perfect working order.

Great work. Your roller shutters are clean and ready to take on the elements all over again. For best results, clean your shutters once every six months. When you leave them unattended for a longer period, you may have to deal with stubborn stains and marks.

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How to Clean Roller Shutters