How to Choose Roller Shutter for Windows


The major purpose for which a person buys a roller shutter is for security. Before understanding how to choose the best roller shutter for windows of your property, you should know what roller shutters exactly are.

A roller shutter is made up of many horizontal stats or bars which are hinged together to form a curtain like sheet. It is raised to open the space of a window and it should be lowered when you want to close it. To enable the opening up and closing down mechanism of the roller shutters, they have a pulley installed or can be automated using motors. They do provide security to you from the burglars and vandalism, but they also protect the inside from any weather conditions like wind and rain. Such roller shutters are mostly used for the garages, kitchens, vans, schools, warehouses, prisons, offices, etc.

To be satisfied with the roller shutters, you should select the one which suits your needs the best. The key to have best performance from the shutters and have the best quality, is the selection of the shutter itself. To choose wisely, try to answer the following questions:

What do you need these roller shutters for?
Roller shutter give a lot of beneficial services to the buyer. They protect you against crime, sound/noise and weather. It is not just installed for only commercial establishments. The reason behind your buying of the shutters should be clear to you. You may have a different purpose of buying the shutter for your home or store. Know the purpose and agenda of the roller shutters. Some people might need them to have protection against sound; some might want to be protected from the weather whereas some might want security against burglary.

Do they fit perfectly and operate in a smooth way?
The right fit is a must for the efficient working of a roller shutter. The roller shutter neither look good without a nice fit nor do they work properly. The exact dimensions of the windows must be known to have a shutter which will fit into them in the best way. A shutter with inaccurate dimensions can never provide you the security which you wish. And after knowing the accurate measurements, you should give a thought about buying an automatic or a manual roller shutter. Depending upon your budget and your needs, you can decide among manual and automatic shutters. To have another level of security, you can link your roller shutter window with the alarm system at your property and with general security systems.

Are warranties or guarantees provided?
You should pay attention to the guaranties and warranties which are provided by the seller. They are important because they will ensure the protection of the shutter gates, if the product was already faulty or damaged. The seller or dealer who is selling you the roller shutter should give you the guarantee of repair and replacing any faulty product. The dealer should offer a warranty on not just the shutters, but also on the parts and materials associated. Most of the sellers offer a repair facility upto a certain time period after they buy it. If your dealer does not offer any such guarantees or warranties, you should consider changing the dealer. Another point to remember is that the guarantees are always better than the warranties. Check the time period for which they are providing the guarantee or warranty, and use it to compare between two different dealers. Also compare the cost of the roller shutter, as the shutters having guarantees will cost you more.

roller shutter maintenance
Are any extra features present?
The basic features of a roller shutters are known to all. Check for the additional features offered to you by the selling company. Check if the features of the roller shutters match your demands and needs. The roller shutters are available in many colors and patterns. You may sometimes like to have a certain color. The roller shutters are available with very sophisticated controls, backup power, manual override system, remote controlled system, etc. These extra features help you choose the best one for yourself depending upon the needs. But sometimes, with extra features comes along with extra charges. So, pay them what they are worth of and do not pay unnecessarily to the dealers.

Who manufactured the shutters?
Inquire about the manufacturer of the roller shutters. Make sure the dealer is able to answer the question and is able to provide you the contact of those manufacturers. The manufacturing company which has a good service record and are professionals should be chosen over those which do not have a decent past record. The performance of the shutter directly depends on the material used. Make sure the manufacturer has used the best quality materials.