Do Roller Shutters Insulate?


Do Roller Shutters Insulate?

Yes, insulated roller shutters are built to insulate. However, not all shutters are made equal. Our shutters are insulated and foam filled to offer efficient insulation. Further, the quality of the insulation depends on a variety of factors including the thickness of the shutter wall, the insulation as well as the material used.

Whether you are looking for noise reduction or climate control, be sure to avoid shutters that are uninsulated and thin. You don’t want to compromise on quality when you are looking for insulation. So be sure to invest in a high quality, superior roller shutter that offers optimum insulation.

Essentially, roller shutters help protect your space from light, rain, heat as well as sound. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of insulated roller shutters from All District Roller Shutters.

Climate Control

A good quality roller shutter can help regulate the indoor temperature. The sun’s rays can penetrate normal window glass pretty easily. The surfaces in your room will absorb these rays and then emit them back in the form of heat radiation.

Blinds let about 75% of the radiant heat to enter the room. Double-glazing windows will keep out the air heat and the rays in. Compare that with All District insulated roller shutters, which can block about 60% of the cooling or heat loss. Our shutters will not only keep the winter heat in but the summer heat out too.

As a result, your reliance on your air conditioning system in summer and heaters in winter will come down. By using these shutters, you can bring down your energy bills considerably.

If you have windows that face west, installing an insulated shutter will prove to be a wonderful investment.

Reduce Noise Level

An insulated roller shutter will bring down the noise level by half. That’s why insulated shutters are a popular option compared to standard roller shutters. Noise pollution is a huge irritant, especially if you live in the city centre, near the airport or a train station.

Apart from providing noise reductions, our insulated shutters will keep sound in your home. This way, you can enjoy loud music or indulge in any noisy activity without worrying about disturbing the other members in the home or the neighbours.

Do Roller Shutters Insulate?

Filter Light

Insulated shutters can help filter the light entering your home. If you have large windows, your home is bound to receive a lot of light. Sure, your standard window treatments like curtains and blinds can keep away most of the light, they can’t filter all of the light entering your home.

Insulated roller shutters can cover the entire window and door to keep all light away from your home. So when you are looking for efficient light filtration, look no further than insulated shutters.

Fire Resistant

What’s more, our insulated shutters are fire rated to provide protection against fire. When compared to standard shutters, our fire rated shutters are built to detect fire and activate automatically. You can even connect our fire rated shutters to the fire alarm system to send out warnings in case of fire emergencies. Furthermore, our fire rated shutters will help provide a safe exit.

Invest in All District Roller Shutters

We hope this article adequately answered your question. As mentioned above, the quality of insulation depends largely on the quality of the shutters you buy. When you are looking for insulation, go for high quality insulated shutters. We have been manufacturing and installing insulated roller shutters for years and have built a reputation for our professional approach, reliable service and affordable pricing.

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Do Roller Shutters Insulate?Do Roller Shutters Insulate?