Safety for Commercial Roller Shutter Doors


The Safety Measures Involved In Using Commercial Roller Shutter Doors

Shutter doors are very useful in the commercial sector. They are very beneficial in the companies and are a must-have in every business. If your business does not have them, you should have them installed as soon as you can.

However, the same shutter doors pose serious safety and health risks if they are not properly installed, maintained, and regularly inspected by a professional. How many times have you heard cases of people who have had their ribs fractured by a shutter door which fell on them while working in the factory? Do you remember the recent cases that your friend told you about an employee who was hit by a factor roller shutter door? These cases are many but the good thing is that they can be prevented by taking the necessary measures.

The factors to consider before when choosing a commercial shutter door

Unlike residential roller shutter doors where few factors are considered, the commercial ones are influenced by a number of factors. If you want your employees to be safe, then you need to get the right shutter doors for your company. Some of these factors include:

  • The type of shutter door for the business
  • The exact place where it is going to be installed
  • How frequent it is going to be used
  • How the shutter door is operated
  • Safety measures to be put in place for the users
  • Safety measures for the non-users
  • The main function of the door

Why do a risk assessment?

If you are planning to install a roller shutter door in your company, it is advisable that you conduct a risk assessment before the installation. This assessment will identify any potential risks to the public. In most cases, the risk is likely to be high if there is a likelihood of children present on the commercial premises. The degree of risk is also higher if the shutter door is automatically controlled and accessed by people unlike in areas such as the parking areas where the access is controlled. By assessing potential risks, proper safety measures are put in place.

Why do you need to regularly maintain and inspect the doors?

If a roller shutter door is not maintained in the right way, accidents are more likely to occur in the place of work. This maintenance should therefore be provided on a regular basis to prevent such unfortunate instances. If your company has electric shutters, the motors should be regularly inspected by a professional. If the shutter closes prematurely, it may be very risky especially if an employee is passing through it. You should ensure that the door is properly fitted so that it can function the way it is meant to. Roller shutters that are not correctly fitted are potential health hazards.

You should also remember that the efficiency of roller shutters will reduce with time. It is very natural for them to wear out after a period of time and become less effective. This is why it is important to have a professional inspect them time after time. In as much as you might be a Do It Yourself enthusiast, you should let the professionals do the inspection. They are the people who have been trained on commercial shutter doors and they can easily identify signs that indicate that the door is not in a good working condition. The same professionals will do the necessary repairs to ensure that you and your employees are safe.

Don’t put too much emphasis on the cost. It is worth paying an extra dollar just to live in a safe environment. Ensure that your shutter doors are always working properly. Hiring professionals is priceless in the long run.

Is it a legal requirement?

It is now a legal requirement that shutter doors in commercial areas are kept safe at all times. The law calls for regular maintenance and inspections of these doors. So to be on the safe side of the law ensure that this is done. These regulations ensure that:

  • Shutter doors are properly installed and fitted properly
  • An upward door has a device to prevent it from rolling back
  • A sliding shutter door is fitted with a device that prevents it from coming off when it is in use
  • Electric shutter doors have features that prevent injury to the users
  • Doors that can be opened from both sides have enough space to ensure that they can be opened with ease
  • The inspection results are properly documented
  • The doors are properly inspected
  • Mechanical problems are detected early

Now that you know the importance of safety measures in using commercial shutter doors, you might probably want to hire a professional company to install, inspect or maintain shutter doors in your company. Contact us as we will do exactly that and much more that needs to be done concerning the commercial shutters in Sydney. Don’t worry about the cost. Our rates are affordable!