Colour For Modern Roller Shutters


What You Should Consider When Choosing The Right Colour For Your Modern Roller Shutters

The last couple of years have been marked by the emergence of modern roller shutters with unique features. These modern roller shutters in Sydney have transformed people’s home without having to break a bank for such home renovating projects. One feature that stands out is the incorporation of colour. There has been a shift in the traditional conservative colours in bolder colours. These colours are trendy and everyone wants to have roller shutters which are fashionable and elegant. If you are this kind of a person then you should know what to consider so that you have the right shutters with the correct colour. Here are some of those factors:

The exterior design of the apartment

To be able to get the right colour for your shutters, you need to consider the exterior design of your home. You should choose a colour that blends well with the exterior style. You wouldn’t wish to have all your guests wonder why you chose such shutters.


f your home has a traditional design, it is advisable that you consider black or white roller shutters. On the other hand, if you have a modern or a contemporary home, consider colours which are bolder and more vibrant. Hot pink or bright red shutters will blend well with your modern home. You can have vibrant purple shutters if you wish to.

The colour of the door trims

Since the roller shutters will be installed in doors, it is only fair that you consider the colour of the trims. You wouldn’t wish to have the shutters and the trims look like they are two different pieces. They should complement each other and show some relationship.

Once you factor in this you can choose to have a similar colour as that of the trims so that they both have a single colour. This is what many people choose to do. If you are not a fan of one colour, you can choose one that will blend well with that of the trim. Avoid clashing colours. Clashing colours make your home look dull and have a confused look. You have to maintain a modern elegant look at all times.

Complementary colours

You should be in a position to identify colours that will complement your home. You wouldn’t wish to have roller shutters of colours which do not show any coordination with your interior and exterior home design. If you not sure of the right colour that will bring out the complimentary effect, engage a professional to help you get the right colour for your shutters.

Avoid choosing colours from the same group or family because they don’t complement each other well, unless you want black or white shutters. If your home colour scheme is dark, then you should choose shutters which are of a lighter shade. If you have lighter interiors and exteriors then darker roller shutters will be perfect for your home. If your goal is to have a bolder look, use bright shutters if your home is lightly coloured. You can also consider shades of gray, green or red to brighten your pale home.

The houses in the neighbourhood

If you want to sell your house in the future, then you should consider moving around the estate and get to know the kind of colours your neighbours have for their shutters. The look should be consistent. Buyers will be attracted to your house if you have shutters which resemble those of the neighbours.

Please avoid very bright or bold colours that will make your home look totally different. Your shutters should not attract so much attention when compared to those in the surrounding areas. This tends to push away buyers. Factor in this if at some point you would wish to sell your house.

Personal preferences

When it comes to colour, personal preference is a very important factor. In as much as there are thousands of factors to consider, this has more weight when you are choosing the right colour for your shutters. Remember, you are the person who will be living in that home and after the installation process is complete, you should love the look of your shutters. If you are not happy with the colour, then the entire project is not worth the cost.

You should choose a colour that brings out your character. If you are an outgoing person, go for shutters which have bold and bright colours. Yellow or orange may be the ideal colours for you. On the other hand, if you are a conservative person consider shutters with shades of gray or brown. You want everyone to relate the colour of your shutters with your personal character.

Remember to listen to other people’s opinions but have the final say. These are your shutters. Keep that in mind every time a friend is about to convince you to change your mind on your favourite colour.

Always rely on shutter companies for advice and guidance on the right colours that you should have on your shutters. They have professionals who have been in the industry for decades and have a clear understanding of all the colours that you can possibly choose from, so allow them to help you select the right colours for your shutters.