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Even though roller shutters have been in the market for more than 25 years now, it is only recently that designers have begun to significantly expand on its design possibilities. As a result of this, roller shutter are making a comeback from the retro era into the modern interior and exterior design scenario with their space saving solutions and other benefits available in various designs, colours and sizes.

Variety of roller shutters available

roller shutterThere are various kinds of roller shutters available in the market nowadays, from the easy line basic rollers to the creative luxury options in both horizontal and vertical openings. This allows you to model the shutter to any furniture or function you require. Most retailers also advertise their stock on their websites as well and will have designers available at hand to advise you on which kind would go well with your décor.

You can either choose to add roller shutters to the normal hinged and sliding windows for extra protection and privacy; but even otherwise, these windows can hold their own in the interior and exterior of your house, both functionally and looks-wise. They are versatile and can be easily adapted to meet your design, function and cost requirements.

Why you should opt for a roller shutter door?

The new design technology and materials update that has been put into the production of roller shutters make them not only a cheap and feasible option than wooden and glass ones while they easily blend into any modern or classic décor, but they are also more sturdy and resilient than their classic counterparts. Most shutters are made of metal or hard plastic fibres (PVC) which makes them light but strong enough to not only combat harsh weather conditions, but also make them burglar proof to a great extent when closed. On top of this, you can also add extra technology for burglar prevention. They are also more durable and resistant to damage.

One added advantage of installing roller shutters on your windows is that you could then do away with curtains. Roller shutters are very effective in shutting out light and noise from outside as compared to traditional windows. They can also be available insulated and help to keep you warm and cosy in the winters and protect you from the Sydney summer sun’s glare during the rest of the year.  They are not susceptible to rust or weather damage easily because they are powder coated with any of the wide range of architectural powder coating colours, including UV resistant, which is another good reason to buy them. You can also add an insect screen to the roller shutters on your windows and enjoy insect free living. Just the privacy that insulated roller shutters afford is worth in itself. Even opened, roller shutters on windows offer more privacy than glass.

With all the new styles and textures available in roller shutter, it can be a great alternative to blinds or curtains. They are both elegant and practical to install in your house and along with the availability of burglar protection and privacy, it makes good sense to choose insulated roller shutters that match the style of your home. Additionally, you can also decorate them by wrapping the shutters in textiles or painting murals on the facades. Thus they add an extra touch of art to the interiors.

roller shutterRoller shutters are not only limited to windows but can be used in various other setting in the house as well, such as for closet doors, cabinets and cupboards and even in your modular kitchen. You could also use them as screen on ACs, built-in wall space or safes in order to hide them from public view. They are ideal to be put in your home theatre or in the rooms where you keep your television or sound system. They block out noise and external light completely and give you a wonderful viewer’s experience.

They are excellent for providing maximum insulation and require very little maintenance instead. All you need to do is to wipe the roller shutters with a simple cloth and everyday cleaning agent, and it will be as good as new. It is easier to get stains and marks off the PVC or metal rollers than from wood or glass. This lets them remain pretty as well as durable.

Most of the new interior designs and modern homes in Sydney have embraced the multi-utility and stylish roller shutters in their architectural style, and the trend is only thought to increase. Not only are roller shutters space saving, they are also versatile and provide great protection. If you are buying a new property or renovating an old one, do keep roller shutters in your mind.

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