The Benefits Of Roller Shutters For Bay Windows


The Benefits Of Roller Shutters For Bay Windows

If you’re thinking about investing in roller shutters for your bay windows, you’re making a great choice. Roller shutters are the perfect pair for a large, expansive bay window – for a number of reasons.

In this article, we’ll take a look at just a few of the biggest benefits you can enjoy when you invest in a set of roller shutters for bay windows from All District Roller Shutters. Learn more now.

1. Noise Reduction

A high quality roller shutter made of aluminium provides a second layer of protection from noise, ensuring that your home stays quiet and comfortable at all hours of the day. Whether you live near an airport, by a major road, or even just in the always-loud urban environment of the city, roller shutters can help reduce noise significantly.

According to some tests, a correctly-installed roller shutter can help reduce noise by up to 80%. Reducing noise is especially important for large, spacious bay windows, which are not very acoustically-absorbent.

2. Save Money On Energy Bills

Roller shutters can help you save money in both the winter and the summer, when it comes to energy bills. In the summer, they help reflect the rays of the sun, and provide another layer of insulation, which keeps the heat out of your home.

Our roller shutters are specifically designed to block 90% or more of the sun’s rays. Windows usually absorb only about 50% or less of the sun’s rays, in contrast.

In the winter, roller shutters also help save you money, by keeping warm air inside your home, and preventing drafts and cold air from entering from your windows.

The Benefits Of Roller Shutters For Bay Windows

3. Enjoy Full Light And Ventilation

The best part about roller shutters for bay windows is that they can quickly and easily be retracted fully – allowing you to open your windows, get a great view, and still enjoy light and ventilation.

Unlike other types of shutters, like plantation shutters or storm shutters, you don’t have to worry about clearance issues, because roller shutters do not need to “unfold,” and can simply roll upwards.

4. Secure Your Home And Protect Your Windows

Worried about vandalism and burglars, or just want some extra peace of mind? Our high-quality aluminium security shutters are built specifically to keep criminals and vandals away from your property. You won’t have to worry about broken windows while you’re on vacation, burglars entering through your bay windows, or any other such things.

Your home will be completely protected, and you’ll have total peace of mind, both when you’re at home and when you’re away.

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The Benefits Of Roller Shutters For Bay Windows