Are Roller Shutters Good for Security?


Are Roller Shutters Good for Security?

Home security is an important consideration and roller shutters are known for their security features. However, it all depends on the kind of shutter you buy. A wide range of shutters are available in the market today. The level of security depends entirely on the type of roller shutter, the way it has been manufactured and the quality of the materials used. For instance, a shutter made of thin-grade aluminium does not offer maximum protection.

On the other hand, a heavy-duty roller shutter provides maximum protection. The stronger your security door, the longer it’d take a criminal to breach. And that’s good!

Our roller shutters are built from heavy-duty, marine-grade aluminium. Not only do these shutters withstand the extreme climatic conditions but they are also burglar-proof. Further, our fire-rated security roller shutters provide protection from fire and bush fires.

In essence, roller shutters offer security on multiple levels. Here’s how.

Security Against Intruders

The crime rate in Australia has been on the rise of late. One home is burgled every two minutes. In a study of break-in victims, it was found that 24$% of the victims felt there wasn’t anything the police could do.

Your home has the best security and alarm system. Even then, the police/private security team takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes to arrive on the scene. This gives intruders ample time to execute their plan.

Another alarming statistic is that 40% of the 62,700 incidents of sexual assault that female victims have experienced last year have happened in the victim’s home.

Secure your home by investing in All District roller shutters. Our roller shutters will enhance your window security and give you complete peace of mind.

Security Against the Elements

Inclement weather can wreak havoc. Fire, hailstorms and falling branches can ruin your peace. Roller shutters will keep the elements where they belong – outside. Be it rain, fire or storm, nothing can find its way inside your home with our superior quality roller shutters.

Our fire-rated roller shutters namely Firesafe and SolarSmart comply with the Australian building compliance code AS3959-2009 to offer maximum protection if your home is in a bush fire-prone area.

These fully motorised and remotely controlled roller shutters feature radiant heat-shielding features and have been designed to withstand extreme heat radiation and to protect your doors and windows from flying debris.

Opening and closing these roller shutters is a breeze. One click on the remote and you’re done.

Are Roller Shutters Good for Security?

Security Against the Sun’s Rays

Windows that face the west are prone to bring in a lot of light. However, continuous exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays can fade your furniture and furnishings. By getting shutters installed on windows that face the sun, you can protect your interiors.

What’s more, roller shutters can help you to keep heat in in winter and heat out in summer. In winter, keep your window shutters fully closed in the evening to trap the heat inside. And when you want to keep the heat out in summer, simply close the shutters.

Invest in Sydney’s Best Roller Shutters

All District has built a reputation for installing heavy-duty and superior quality roller shutters in Sydney. Get in touch with us today to install roller shutters that will provide complete security and protection to your home.

Our roller shutters are cost effective and can be installed anywhere in your home. Whether you want to replace your garage door or the security screens in your home, these roller shutters don’t just offer security, they are cost effective too.

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Are Roller Shutters Good for Security?Are Roller Shutters Good for Security?