All District Roller Shutters manufactures and installs High Quality Extruded Aluminium Shutters

All District Roller Shutters, of Sydney is a 100% Australian-owned, Commercial Tall Aluminum Shutters Doorfamily business which we established in 2008.

Between us, our management and sales team have more than 25 years of accumulated experience and expertise in designing, manufacturing, installing and repairing of all types of extruded aluminium roller shutters throughout the Sydney area.

All our work teams are fully trained by us, and have all the mandatory certificates and insurance required to legally enter and work in all types of residential, commercial and industrial sites.

We can guarantee the quality and consistency of all the products we offer because we always:

  • Make all our extruded aluminium shutters to measure so that we can be sure of a perfect fit and a perfect product every time.
  • Use marine grade aluminium that is strong enough to withstand Australia’s demanding climatic conditions.
  • Manufacture your rollers shutters at our own Sydney premises.
  • Buy all the shutter materials here at home in Australia.
  • Test every single roller shutters before installing them in your premises.
  • Offer you a full guarantee on all our materials and workmanship.

At All District Roller Shutters of Sydney we keep a constant lookout for the latest innovations in the roller shutter industry. Recently we have introduced two new lines of roller shutters to our inventory: Firesafe™ Bushfire Rated Roller Shutters and SolarSmart™ Roller Shutters.

Our Firesafe™ Bushfire Rated Roller Shutters comply with the latest Australian building compliance code AS3959-2009 which gives minimum standards for constructing properties in areas prone to bush fires. These fully motorised shutters have radiant heat-shielding properties of 40KW/m2 and are specifically designed to withstand intense heat radiation and to protect wide-expanse windows and doors from damage caused by flying debris. They come in a wide range of colours to blend in with your décor, can be operated by remote control, and are guaranteed for five years.

Our SolarSmart™ Roller Shutters can be opened and closed automatically using battery power that is charged by solar panels located nearby or on the shutter pelmet. They are very energy efficient, eco-friendly and will save you time too! Their state of the art electronics system means that you can operate them by remote control so they can be opened and closed even when you are away from your premises.

Our entire range of manual, electric, remote-powered, battery operated, heavy duty, and other Roller Shutters are finished with durable paint products that are designed to resist the harsh effects of Australia’s tropical climate.

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We want all of our customers to be satisfied with our products, services and prices every time – which is why we strive to keep our costs down and our standards high.

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All District Roller Shutters of Sydney: designing, manufacturing, installing, maintaining and repairing extruded aluminium shutters to keep you and your property safe.