9 Things You Didn’t Know About Aluminium-Zinc Coated Shutters


Take a look at any home improvement product used occasionally. Consider aluminium zinc coated shutters for instance. People use them from time to time. It therefore becomes easy to either forget or ignore a few factors that make the aluminium shutters different from others. The shutter may sound like any other shutter. It may even resemble other shutters as far as functionality is concerned. But like you are about to find out, there are so many strange facts that make aluminium zinc coated shutters or AZ shutters as they are often referred to, unique. Read on to know more about these facts.


AZ technology has been around for 4 decades

Back in the early 1960s, scientists embarked on a mission to find an aesthetically appealing coating for aluminium home improvement products that was hard wearing and durable than galvanized steel. After 8 years of research in the USA and Europe, scientists found a coating of 55% aluminium, 43% zinc and 1.6% silicon as the most ideal combination.

AZ shutters are 4 times better than galvanized steel shutters

This is a fact based on different research studies conducted in Australia, Europe and North America. All studies which are based on comparative data obtained after 30 years of atmospheric exposure at marine, rural and industrial site seem to agree on one thing; that AZ shutters are up to four times more corrosion resistant than galvanized steel. Some studies which included tests where AZ and galvanized steel shutters were subjected to continuous 200 hours of salt spray testing revealed that AZ shutters showed no signs of corrosion. Cut edges remained the same. Not so with galvanized steel shutters which developed rust marks on cut edges and eventually succumbed to corrosion.

Thermal efficiency

AZ shutters feature matte metallic finishes which are designed to reflect heat. This ensures the interior of any building where AZ shutters are used remain cool in summer and warm in winter. AZ shutters can also withstand operating temperatures of up to 300°C. That explains why AZ shutters are also ideal for industrial use.

Age defying looks

People buy shutters hoping that they will have their satin smooth finishes intact for years. This hardly happens. Most shutters wear out as a result of frequent exposure to inclement weather conditions or poor maintenance. Not so with AZ shutters. They are versatile and durable. There are in fact pre-painted AZ shutters that boast of not just aesthetics but also dirt resistance, anti chalking and gloss retention features.

Aluminium shutters are eco friendly

Planet earth’s future is under constant threat from continued use of harmful building products. But Z shutters stand out. First off, AZ shutters are 100% recyclable. Then there is the fact that the manufacturing process of AZ shutters is ‘green’. Most, if not all AZ shutter manufacturers use acid, hydrogen and nitrogen regeneration plants. They also use thermal oxidizers and rewind trim lines. All these are measures they put in place to ensure that the manufacturing process is eco-friendly. That means that by considering AZ shutters, you will have improved your home and still played your part to make the world a greener, better place.

There’s much more into AZ steel than just shutters

AZ steel’s light weight, durability and versatility make it ideal for several uses. Fencing, security doors, steel tanks and electrical appliances all call for AZ steel. Keep in mind that AZ steel is extremely affordable. You can therefore use AZ shutters and may be AZ water tanks without worrying about spending too much on improving your home.

AZ hardly dents

Most home improvement products made of steel often get dented during shipping or use. The aesthetic bruises they acquire can easily render them useless. Not so with AZ shutters. They are sturdy enough to resist pressure and sudden impact.

There’s enough AZ for everyone on earth

In 2012 alone, USA produced more than 1.9 million tons of aluminium. That was just for containers and packaging alone. Another 1.6 million tons went towards home improvement products and vehicle parts. Australia, Canada and most European countries also produced millions of aluminium. This may sound like too much aluminium production but it isn’t. Production becomes easy with the fact that aluminium can be recycled. It also gets better with the fact that recycling aluminium consumes less than 5% of the energy needed to extract natural aluminium from aluminium ore. The other substances like zinc and polyester can also be mined with ease. All these factors and more make AZ production cost effective. The end product is therefore pocket friendly.

Installation of AZ aluminium shutters

AZ shutters may come with all the aforementioned perks but there’s a caveat though. You can’t install or fix nearly all aluminium shutters on your own. The project calls for expertise. It may seem simple, especially due to the fact that there are several blogs that advocate for DIY shutter installation tips. Refrain from considering or taking tips from such blogs unless you are an advanced DIY enthusiast. Simply hire a specialised shutter installation contractor. You can then be sure your project will go on smoothly without any major or minor technical issues.