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Discerning homeowners tend to be particular about matters concerning the house. Be it interior design, architecture or even the plumbing, we always want to get the best for our own homes. As most households have more or less the same types of furniture – such as tables, chairs, wardrobes, drawers and the list goes on – we may sometimes overlook other forms of furnishing that are less typical, but also good to have.

One example is that of roller shutters. While they are not the first thing that comes to mind when people talk about furnishing, they are in fact very useful for the house. This not-so-typical type of furnishing may seem to others as redundant, but there is more than meets the eye.

Are you still sceptical? Here are 5 misconceptions about roller shutters and see how we clear up the air about them. This will help you better understand their functions and uses.

1. They are only used for commercial purposes

The truth is otherwise. Roller shutters are suitable for both commercial and domestic purposes. You may frown upon it or deem it too commercial-looking, but there is actually a variety of shutters that cater to either businesses or homes. They may be customized or altered to blend in with the interior theme and the façade of your house. Nowadays, these shutters also come in a spectrum of colours and measurements to fit windows or doorways. The old-fashioned idea that they are solely for businesses no longer hold true.

2. They are susceptible to corrosion

Most shutters these days are made of aluminium. While the material guarantees its light weight and strength, it is also non-corrosive. Many metal objects are prone to degrade over time, leading to a weaker overall structure and eventually resulting in accidents. On the contrary, roller shutters are made to be durable. Their corrosion-resistant nature prevents them from rusting and deterioration, which is why they can be considered safe for the home.

3. They will make the house too warm

Not really! Roller shutters have good heat transfer systems that retain reasonable degrees of warmth within the house. They help to protect against both the heat and the cold. Furthermore, they block harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun which may actually damage your furniture over long periods of exposure.

4. They are costly to maintain

Some people may think that having roller shutters would necessarily entail a rise in electric bills. In contrast, they can actually help you save some money. Firstly, these shutters serve as insulation for the house. Naturally, they will regulate the temperature of your home and in turn save on air-conditioning or heating costs.

Another reason why they are not expensive to maintain is because roller shutters run on motor. As such, they do not even use up much of your electricity to start with. On top of that, there are some types of shutters that further help to save costs, some of which include battery-operated and solar-powered ones. Roller shutters are thus quite easy and affordable to upkeep.

5. They do not have any impact on the environment

In recent years, there have been stronger emphasis on being environmentally-friendly. Some people may prefer furniture or installations that do not carry about harmful effects on the environment. While many people do not regard roller shutters as having any impact at all, they are actually eco-friendly. Newer types of shutters have been rolled out to cater to the needs of those who are particular about having a green lifestyle.

A good example to illustrate this is a specific kind of solar-powered shutter, which absorbs sunlight and converts it to power the motor for automatic opening and closing. In other words, it operates by tapping on a natural source of energy. Therefore, despite the misconception, roller shutters neither consume much electricity nor succumb to environmental degradation.

With the increased focus of taking good care of our environment, these eco-friendly shutters are definitely worth a mention. It is very likely that more variations will be introduced as people gradually opt for greener solutions.

So if you were sceptical about it before, it is perhaps time to move away from the abovementioned misconceptions and look at roller shutters in a different light. Keep your options open – do not just stick to the same old furnishings – we all need a different something to spice up our homes once in awhile. It is after all good to save our environment, at least one household by a time.

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